Blue Horizon


Ramon Moro: trumpet, flugelhorn and composition
Emanuele Maniscalco: piano
Federico Marchesano: double bass
Zeno De Rossi: drums

CD – 8 tracks – 47:00

Edition of 200 copies
Released in September 2020

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01. White Dragon – 8:02
02. Love’s Uncertainty – 5:22
03. Untie Me – 7:55
04. Albedo – 6:54
05. Blue Horizon – 8:08
06. Too Late – 3:27
07. Nocturne for Loly – 4:06
08. Wrong Stop. It’s so cool – 2:36

Total Time: 47:00



Tracks composed by Ramon Moro

Recorded and mixed by Andrea and Carlo Poddighe at Studio Poddighe, Brescia on November 18-19, 2019

Mastered by Michal Kupicz in November 2019

Artwork and Layout by Roberto La Forgia

Produced by Ramon Moro and Aut Records in June 2020


Trumpeter and composer Ramon Moro wanted to start a band as a leader for a long time.

The spark that led Moro to compose the music for this line-up came from listening to “Folk Song for Rosie” by the Paul Motian Trio, 1979.
The quartet was inspired and guided by the poetry and magic of that piece, which led the band, starting from his compositions, to create their own sound.

Ramon wanted everyone in the quartet to maintain their individual freedom of musical language. Everything had to be suspended, high, and fluent, avoiding virtuosity in the most absolute way.
The band focused on the balance of sensations, thus creating a fluid poetic tension.

Each musician turns his or her gaze to the horizon and reaches it through his or her own solitary path, in the awareness of reaching a common goal.

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