Gabriele Rubino: clarinet and bass clarinet
Emanuele Maniscalco: piano and synthesizer
Giacomo Papetti: double bass

CD – 14 tracks – 56:02 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released in February 2020

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01. Imbalia – 04:58
02. Arnold’s Lane – 03:49
03. Berceuse Triste – 04:26
04. Trusteza – 04:02
05. Passacaglia – 03:56
06. Bomboniere- 01:36
07. Ma fin est mon commencement – 01:36
08. Leads – 02:34
09. Rete di sacco – 4:12
10. Piano B / Soft and languid – 5:57
11. In Search – 4:54
12. Slead – 5:01
13. Krill – 1:45
14. Awake / Afraid / Largamente- 6:38

Total Time: 56.02



Tracks 1, 2, 4, 9, 12 by Giacomo Papetti (Track 2 inspired by Arnold Schoenberg’s “Six Little Piano Pieces” nr.6)
Track 3 composed by Alfredo Casella (arr. Emanuele Maniscalco)
Track 7 composed by Guillaume De Machaut (arr. Small Choices)
Track 6,8 and 13 are collective improvisations by Small Choices

Recorded by Ronnie Amighetti at Teatro Grande di Brescia on January 23rd

Mixed and mastered by Ronnie Amighetti at Le KlubHaus, Brescia in April-May 2019

Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Giacomo Papetti and Aut Records in 2019


Liner Notes written by composer Mauro Montalbetti

The growth of a musician is determined by the experience, study, resolution and accuracy with which they face the daily quest for a language and a personal sound. In a group, these fundamental aspects multiply, differentiate and, enriched by the personality of the musicians, converge towards a precise artistic idea. This one is a precious record, for it shows the expressive and artistic maturity achieved by the three talented musicians who take part in the Small Choices project. This is a living and untamed music, through which the poetics of the fragment creates unexpected architectures and exhibits its dazzling richness: free improvisation, original compositions, “impromptu” new readings of fragments extracted mostly from the repertoire of the twentieth century are in perpetual dialogue among them. An inattentive listening to this record would be a mistake. Listening to it only once, a serious sin.

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