Piero Bitttolo Bon – alto sax, bass clarinet, flute | Alfonso Santimone – piano, Fender Rhodes | Danilo Gallo – double bass | Gioele Pagliaccia – drums, percussions, banjo

Tony Cattano – trombone on tracks 1, 4 & 6 | Pasquale Innarella – soprano sax on track 5

Digital release – 8 tracks – 38 min

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Released February 16, 2015

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01. GW 04:18
02. Gazzelloni 03:54
03. Serene 04:30
04. Out To Lunch 03:17
05. Something Sweet, Something Tender 04:26
06. Hat and Beard 05:49
07. Out There 04:47
08. Straight Up and Down 06:05



Engineered by Ivan A. Rossi @ Sam Recording Studio (Pisa) on May 20th, 2012
Assistant Engineer: Marco Gorini
Mixed by Ivan A. Rossi @ 8brr Recording Studio (Milan)

All compositions by Eric Dolphy
Arranged by Aut To Lunch

Artwork by Martina Gunkel
Graphics by Bob Meanza

Produced in 2015 by Aut Records.


“Out to Lunch!” the Eric Dolphy‘s album from 1964, shows the classic “I’ll be back soon” clock sign. But the hour and minute hands are seven and scattered all over the place. It’s this masterpiece’s destiny to come back and unexpectedly, playfully and provocatorely re-emerge various times.

This new appearing on Aut is proposed by Gioele Pagliaccia’s quartet with him on drums and percussion, Piero Bittolo Bon on alto sax, bass clarinet and flute, Alfonso Santimone on piano and Fender Rhodes and Danilo Gallo on double bass. It also features Tony Cattano on trombone and Pasquale Innarella on soprano sax as special guests.

The recording includes all the tracks from the original Dolphy masterpiece, plus three additional cuts from his first two records as a leader, and to reaffirm the subtle irony of the album it is called “Aut to Lunch!”. It is an important “reincarnation”, that arrives after fifthy years from the original release and finds it still in good shape and ready to confront itself with the sounds and language of the contemporary research.

In the art cover by Martina Gunkel, the going out to lunch that gives the title to the album, is relocated inside an immaginary jungle populated by characters that, presumably, are always on a lunch break. And this album , that Aut Records distributes in digital, will actually always be there, without any specific time to come back, constantly “out to lunch”.

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