Aut Records is a not-for-profit, cooperative record label dedicated to experimental and research music. Since 2010, we are trying to describe a musical environment that cannot be assigned to a particular genre, and is removed from any specific musical language.

Our main goal is to promote projects concerning unusual sonorities. We are convinced that any positive result derives from a research off the beaten tracks, deviations from the mainstream, which is often a sterile environment if conceived as the only possible solution.

At the base of this activity lies no motive other than the pleasure of listening to the works that we propose and the equally great pleasure we feel at having made them available to an audience enthusiastic and passionate about a sincere research in music, which is as important as only games can be.

Aut Records is a project founded by Davide Lorenzon and currently directed by him, joined on the visual side by artists like Sandro Crisafi, Nicola Guazzaloca and Roberto La Forgia.