Fish Tales


Federico Eterno – alto sax and clarinet | Marco Papa – electric guitar | Gioele Pagliaccia – drums

Digipak CD-r – 11 tracks – 43 min
Edition of 500 copies
Released July 15, 2015

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01. medea 06:14
02. walking through the suburbs of rome 06:31
03. how long is this truck 04:42
04. poseidon 03:04
05. rosebud 03:37
06. ropie staggers 05:17
07. pheres 01:50
08. entwiklung 04:44
09. una quinta abbondante 03:18
10. pelias 01:03
11. nino 03:10



Recorded at Miss Hecker (Berlin), March 2015 by Jacopo Vannini
Mixed and mastered by Kollo Agency

Artwork by Martina Gunkel
Graphics by Bob Meanza

Produced in 2015 by Aut Records and Ugo.


UGO plays saxophone, guitar, drums and clarinet, and is split in three distinct elements.

UGO lives in Berlin, but gets inspiration from different parts of the world and tries to synthesize his experiences through original compositions.

UGO grew up listening to punk, jazz, european free jazz, african percussions and Bach, and it blends all these elements in the melting pot of its own improvisations and compositions.

He is bold and unafraid of breaking rules, especially those hindering the flux of his own creativity

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