CARUSO | VITALE Tripterygion


Luciano Caruso – soprano sax | Luigi Vitale – vibes

Cd-r – 14 tracks – 47 min
Edition of 250 copies
Released April 1, 2011

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01. Tripterygion tripteronotus 03:44
02. Parablennius rouxi 03:39
03. Talassoma pavo 05:04
04. Balistes carolinensis 01:44
05. Chromis chromis 00:52
06. Epinephelus marginatus 01:34
07. Padina pavonia 01:37
08. Parablennius gattorugine 04:25
09. Sparus auratus 03:20
10. Apogon imberbis 05:02
11. Halimeda tuna 04:44
12. Boops boops 05:43
13. Peyssonnelia squamaria 01:13
14. Codium bursa 04:33


Recorded by Caruso and Vitale @ Vitale Home Studio, Colle Umberto in June 2009

Artwork by Sandro Crisafi

Produced in 2011 by Aut Records.


In their first recording Luciano Caruso (soprano sax) and Luigi Vitale (vibes) met on the frontier land of improvised music.
The ascetics lines played by Caruso meets the vibes of Vitale on an equal level, since the latter interacts with the soprano in a melodic way with creative counterpoints.
The interplay is intense and develop a music that is as free and structurally open as thorough in the definitions of the dynamics.

Released at the beginning of 2011, the album is conceptually inspired by the obscure and fascinating submarine world and every track is named after a marine creature.

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