AUTFEST2014 – Languages Of The Unheard


25-28 September 2014 Berlin

AUT FEST is our latest adventurous project: we organize an awesome four-days music festival, in which the artists that recorded for Aut Records will perform live, bringing their latest projects. Let’s celebrate the Languages of the Unheard!

Thursday 25, 21h @ Altes Finanzamt

[Twisted chamber music]
Alberto Cavenati – electric guitar
Rieko Okuda – keyboards
Annti Virtarannta – double bass

[Jazz hooliganism]
Vicent Domenech – alto saxophone
Alberto Cavenati – electric guitar
Bob Meanza – keyboards and electronics
Olga Nosova – drums


[Audiovisual set – for electroacoustic duo and hacked videogame]
Bob Meanza – electronics

Filipe Dias De – sitar

Marco Mendeni – visuals

Friday 26, 21h @ Altes Finanzamt

Piero Bittolo Bon’s “Spelunker”
[Augmented alto saxophone and feedbacks]
Piero Bittolo Bon – augmented alto saxophone and devices

[Improvising winds trio]
Alberto Collodel – clarinets
Davide Lorenzon – alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Ivan Pilat – baritone saxophone

Raccoglimento Parziale
[Electronic weirdness – album release premiere]
Andrea Giachetti – electric bass, electronics
Stefano Meucci – electronics

Saturday 27, 21h @ Noyman Miller

Small Choices
[Improvised chamber music]
Giacomo Papetti – electric bass
Gabriele Rubino – clarinets
Emanuele Maniscalco – piano

Bug Jargal 2
[Edge blurring improjazz]
Luciano Caruso – curved soprano saxophone
Giorgio Pacorig – piano

Hanam Quintet
[Echtzeit free jazz]
Alison Blunt – violin
Manuel Miethe – soprano saxophone
Anna Kaluza – alto saxophone
Horst Nonnenmacher – doublebass
Guest – drums

Sunday 28, 20h @ Noyman Miller

12+ plays “AUTopsy”
[Sampling performance based on the Aut Records discography]
12+ – sampler

Schrödinger’s Cat
[Electro mental experiment]
Niccolò Romanin – drums
Paolo Brusò – electric guitar, electronics
Riccardo Marogna – bass clarinet, electronics

Autkestra plays “Links”
[Newborn Autkestra plays “Links” by Luciano Caruso, a new graphic system for improvisation and instant composition]
Luciano Caruso – soprano saxophone/direction
Manuel Miethe – soprano saxophone
Piero Bittolo Bon – alto saxophone
Anna Kaluza – alto saxophone
Davide Lorenzon – alto saxophone/bass clarinet
Ivan Pilat – baritone saxophone
Alberto Collodel – clartinet/bass clarinet
Riccardo Marogna – bass clarinet
Gabriele Rubino – clarinet
Paolo Brusò – electric guitar
Alberto Cavenati – electric guitar
Bob Meanza – electronics
Giacomo Papetti – electric bass
Horst Nonnenmacher – double bass
Niccolò Romanin – drums