Giacomo Papetti – double bass | Emanuele Maniscalco – piano | Gabriele Rubino – piccolo, soprano and bass clarinets

CD – 13 tracks – 44 min
Edition of 300 copies
Released April 1, 2013

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01. Far 00:44
02. Thieves in Ainola 04:47
03. After that 04:14
04. Hu Rock 07:30
05. Glimpse 00:41
06. Bela Bartok in Memoriam 05:42
07. North 02:58
08. Fine del Tempo 03:56
09. Nascondere 04:03
10. Afterwards 01:06
11. Escape from Ainola 04:29
12. Far (reprise) 00:55
13. Finale 02:38



Recorded at Salone Pietro Da Cemmo in Brescia by Davide Mahony on July 18th 2012 under the patronage of the Conservatorio di musica “Luca Marenzio” of Brescia.
Mixed and mastered by: Marco Franzoni at Bluefemme StereoRec

Graphics by: Geheimtinte

Produced by Giacomo Papetti and Aut Records in March 2013


Small Choices focuses its research on contemporary improvised music, in constant relationship with the practice of composition – including original tunes as well as some personal re-interpretations of influent works from the 20th Century (Ligeti, Messiaen, Sibelius and Gershwin) – reaching a delicate balance between extemporariness and organization.

In this scenario “small choices” become necessary in every moment.

Strongly influenced by a certain “eccentricity” in contemporary art music and by the expressive power of jazz and free improvisation, this small ensemble expresses itself through an unpredictable and intimate interplay, searching for its own integrity and following its natural urges, easily crossing borders between musical genres.

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