Video teaser for Filippo Orefice “Kalaima”

Video teaser for Nicolò Francesco Faraglia “Kissós”

Video teaser for Tell No Lies “Hide Nothing”

Video teaser for Monica Nica Agosti ShapeX “Ornettiana”

Video teaser for TMR Tuscany Music revolution

Video Teaser for Luca Perciballi Organic Gestures “Approximately Grids with a Plan”

Video teaser for ELEMENTS by Günter Baby Sommer and Fabrizio Puglisi

New website is online now!

Thanks to our friend Alice Cannava, we finally have a renovated website! Everything is working smoothly now: we fixed the problems we had with our shop and it just looks great! Have a look at our growing catalog and consider to support us buying digitally or physically our releases!

Phase Duo is Aut Now

PHASE DUO‘s first album is out now. The duo, made up by violin player and composer Eloisa Manera and producer and sound designer Stefano Greco, combines minimal music (Reich and Riley as major influences), live electronics and Indian Raga inspired music. At the core of the project we find different elements, grouped in dialectical pairs: analog/digital, acoustic/electronics, micro/macro, order/disorder are some of these dichotomies that play a role in the conceptual world of the duo. The album is available on cd and digital download.

4 new albums AUT NOW

This spring we released four new albums: HANAM QUINTET Live at Nikodemus Church, BROTHERHOOD Oak, SIMONE DI BENEDETTO Depth Sounding and CASINO DI TERRA Cosa potrebbe accadere. Check them out, listen to a couple of tracks and consider to support both the musicians and the record label!

Newsletter #23

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Newsletter #22

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