Zero Brane


Matteo Tundo – guitar, compositions (except for nr.6 by Bill Evans) | Piero Bittolo Bon – alto sax, clarinet | Emanuele Parrini – violin, viola | Simone Graziano – fender rhodes | Matteo Giglioni – drums | Alessio Riccio – electronics

CD – 8 tracks – 44 min
Edition of 250 copies
Released October 19, 2015

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01. Moonog 06:01
02. Zero Brane 04:11
03. Idea 03:32
04. Symmetries of the Universe 05:49
05. Owls and Mistakes 07:18
06. Twelve Tone Tune Two 07:04
07. Thinking Mind 05:47
08. Antimateria 04:05



Recorded on June 24 and 25 2014 in Florence
Recorded and mixed at “Antimateria Lab” by Andrea Caprara
Mastered by Alessandro Maffei

Artwork and Graphics by Sandro Crisafi

Produced in 2015 by Matteo Tundo and Aut Records.


M-theory is, according to Stephen Hawking, “the only candidate for a complete theory of the universe”. Letter M stands for “membrane” even if “matrix”, “master”, “mother”, “monster”, “mystery”, “magic” are all words that have been claimed.
A Zero Brane is, as defined by the theory, a zero-dimensions reality. A concept hard to imagine, even for the most lively minds.
In this album, composer and leader Matteo Tundo takes inspiration from this difficult task and brings us into the sounds of this imaginary reality, as for example in the title track where the most little movement of the sounds, the acoustic beats, are used to aim at this goal.
The eight tracks, built on a “inference” principle, present an intriguing concept of fresh avant-jazz in which the musical materials appear in different shapes, modified and disguised.
Are you ready for a journey into a musical world made up of several parallel universes that like to bump frequently into each others?

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