Our Sea Lies Within


Francesco Cigana: drums, percussion, and objects
Nina Baietta: voice
Jacopo Giacomoni: alto saxophone
Francesco Salmaso: tenor saxophone
Agnese Amico: violin
Francesca Baldo: violin
Enrico Milani: cello
Sirio Nagro: electric guitar and objects
Andrea Zerbetto: piano
Riccardo Matetich: tabla, found objects, percussions
Marco Valerio: electric bass
Andrea Davì: drums

CD and Digital Download – 8 tracks – 45:41
Edition of 200 copies

Released in April 2024

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01. Amphesibena 05:40
02. Roc Molek 06:59
03. Vicia Faba 03:07
04. Cirillo’s Ears (Spell Trouble) 05:39
05. Sicilian Magia 05:21
06. Lysa Hora – The Lost Art of Rospone Malvagione 03:29
07. Take the Steroid Z! 06:51
08. Ram Setu 07:09

Total time: 45:41



Recorded by Mirko Brigo and Daniel Grego at Onara Swamp Hall in Tombolo (Pd) on 17-18-19 July 2023
Edited by Francesco Cigana, Mirko Brigo, Daniel Grego, December 2023
Mixed and mastered by Mirko Brigo and Daniel Grego in Tombolo (Pd)

Graphics and poetry by Francesco Cigana
Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Dooom Orchestra, Mirko Brigo, Daniel Grego, and Enrico Lenarduzzi
Published by Aut Records


Founded by Francesco Cigana in 2018, DOOOM Orchestra is a Padua-based collective of young musicians investigating improvisational practice. “Our sea lies within” concentrates the experience accumulated over six years of study and more than thirty site-specific performances and concerts. A common ocean of sound that materialises in a clear, direct and evocative sound, thanks to the strong emphasis on the connections between the various musicians. This characteristic leads them to occupy an original perspective in the panorama of large ensembles related to improvisation.

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