Hada Benedito – artistic direction, composition, soundpainting |Charlotte Barnett – voice | Bianca G. – voice | Makiho Yoshida – violin | Penelope Gkika – violin | Davide Lorenzon – alto sax, bass clarinet |Federico Eterno – alto sax, clarinet |Jonathan Lindhorst – tenor sax | Dominic Sell – electric guitar |Bob Meanza – electronics | Kriton Beyer – harmonium, objects |Rieko Okuda – piano | Adam Goodwin – double bass |Antti Virtaranta – double bass | Adrian David Krok – drums

CD – 10 tracks – 45 min
Edition of 500 copies
Released July 18, 2016

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Holoturian Suite (To Diego Gymmers)
01. I. Plankton for Lunch 03:00
02. II. Holothuria’s Paarungsruf 03:53
03. III. Encounter with a Mollusk 04:17
04. IV. Plankton for Dinner 03:18

Kalte Stücke
05. Submarine Volcano 05:22
06. Sölid Particles 04:19
07. Hydrothermal Interaction 04:17
08. Supercritical Mass 03:43
09. Organic Matter 04:41
10. Ur-Tier 08:09



Recorded on October 31th-November 1st at Studioboerne45, in Berlin by Lluìs Enguix
Mixed by Lluìs Enguix
Mastered by Stefano Moretti

Artwork by Christin Niehoff
Graphic Design by Laure Catugier
Produced by BSO, Hada Benedito and Aut Records in May 2016

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Led by soundpainter and pianist Hada Benedito, the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra consists of 16 experimental musicians, improvisers and composers, all coming from different backgrounds and nationalities. Their live composed works could be described as a trip of obscure and colourful images, an expansive way of traveling among improvisation and avant-garde music beyond contemporary jazz.

Using the sign language for live composition conceived by Walter Thompson in the 70s, the BSO have performed not only as a musical ensemble, but also played on silent movies and worked together with visual artists, performers and dancers. Their concept of building sonic and visual compositions in space lead them to present their shows in varied and unusual stages as lifts, parking lots and circuses.

At the occasion of this album, the orchestra’s musical journey took them to the deep sea where they found a lot of different small submarine animals, among which the peaceful Holothuria. The latter served as an inspiration for these pieces recorded in Berlin at the end of 2015 and gave its name to the album title. “Holothuria” gathers 10 pieces, in which Satie’s world collides with improvisational madness and timbre richness.

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