Francesco Cigana

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Tireless creative mind, Francesco explores his own expressive potential using percussion instruments as a medium, mainly through improvisational practice. The result is an approach linked to timbre and melodic research, to the hypnotic-ritual dimension and to the sound/noise border.
He collaborates with many italian and international musicians in various formations and ensembles (Panaleake, Maorooro, Shells just to name a few), but for years he has also deepened the solo dimension through different formats that include performances in the dark, soundtracks, live to picture, site specific performances, art installation, multidisciplinary projects or more classic frontal concerts.
He founded the DOOOM Orchestra, orchestra and workshop focused on improvisation, of which he is director and teacher, and in 2018 was called as speaker and final performer at the TedX in Vicenza “From ME to WE”, to tell his musical experience, performing precisely with the DOOOM Orchestra at the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza.
He has performed in Romania, Spain, France, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, for the European Commission and in many festivals around Europe.
Francesco is also the artistic director of “A Love Supreme Impro Festival”, a music festival linked to avant-garde music and improvisation.