Marco Valerio

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Born in 1982 in Padua (Italy), he began playing the electric bass (self-taught) at the age of 17. From 2001 to 2016 he mainly dedicated himself to the activity of bassist/backing vocalist in the rock/metal field, carrying out an intense live activity with numerous tours in Europe and USA, and releasing 6 albums with two different bands: STATOBARDO (2001-2006) and EXILIA (2007-2016). In the meantime, he constantly deepened his musical culture, with discontinuous periods of academic studies. He dedicated himself to experimenting with numerous other styles by collaborating unofficially with other musicians. In 2016 he decided to abandon the rock/metal scene and devote himself more seriously to the production of "other" musics that could go beyond those well-known stylistic boundaries. He also began taking singing and percussion lessons. In the following 7 years he dedicated himself to music production and live performing with many ensembles, covering the most disparate declinations of music: funk, dub, ambient, techno, Italian songwriting, non-idiomatic improvisation, noise, traditional West African music, Kraut-rock, Art-rock, Psych- rock, and so on. Among the projects and collaborations of the last years, we can mention ORANGE CAR CRASH, DEBORA PETRINA, DOOOM ORCHESTRA, THE ANALOGUE COPS, FRANCESCO DEVINCENTI and others. He’s just recently coming back to the metal scene as a live performer (sessionman).