Stefano Meucci – electronics | Gianpaolo Camplese – drums

CD-r – 9 Tracks – 30 min
Limited edition of 200 copies
Released March 2, 2016

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01. Hydraulic Fracturing 02:59
02. Oxy-Fuel Cutting 02:27
03. Lathe 03:35
04. Acid Mine Draining 04:44
05. Tau Tona 04:35
06. Serra Pelada 02:30
07. Octahedrite 04:31
08. Geordie Lamp 03:18
09. Methasomatism 03:43



Recorded by Silent People at Pausenraum, Berlin, 2015
Mastered by Tommaso Bianchi

Artwork by Kiki Tsui
Graphics by Giacomo Cioni

Produced by Silent People and Aut Records, 2016.


Silent People is the electro-acoustic duo formed by electronic wizard Stefano Meucci (The Clover, Raccoglimento Parziale) and magic drummer Gianpaolo Camplese (Black Milk Impulses, Paraesthesia). This is their first album, made up of live processed acoustic drums together with samples and loops.
A harsh, roaring research towards an imaginary underground silence.

Embrace the dirt, savor metallic horizons, enter the erratic rhythms.

Comfortable or uncomfortable, pleasant or unpleasant, polite or impolite, attractive or repulsive, as silent people can appear to our subjective imagination.

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