Electrical Landscapes


Andrea Laino – electric guitar, effects, objects

CD – 11 tracks – 42 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released January 20, 2013

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01. Paesaggio I 04:02
02. Paesaggio II 04:51
03. Paesaggio III 05:06
04. Lunatico 05:17
05. Electro Piece 02:01
06. Brainwashing 06:56
07. The White Hall 05:10
08. Tech Music (coda) 02:04
09. From The Roof 03:01
10. The Coprophage 02:53
11. Am Espontaneo (I am) 01:00



Part I recorded by Andrea Laino in his studio (2009)
Part II recorded live at “Wallride” in Riola (Genuary 2011) by Andrea Laino

Mixed and mastered by Diego Cofone at Dicofone’s studio (February 2012)

Artwork by Federico Guerri – Title: “Ampolla” © 2006
Graphics by Sandro Crisafi
Produced by: Andrea Laino and Aut Records in 2013


Electrical Landscapes documents a solo research on electric guitar made by Andrea Laino for the project LAAND.

The first part is an improvised session focused on timbric exploration in which sounds are generated through some non-conventional techniques and a few objects. No overdubs were added during the recording, except for track n.4.

In the second part LAAND focuses on a very electronic dimension using loops and drones in the improvisation process. He makes up a kind of “cut-up” with phrases, melodies, and textures which eventually give life together to a soundtrack for an imaginary movie.

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