Jacopo Giacomoni

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Jacopo Giacomoni (Trento, 1987). A graduate in Philosophy with a thesis on the existence of fictional characters, he works as a saxophonist, playwright and performer.
As a musician he carries on an ongoing exploration in the field of free improvisation and non-idiomatic sounds, he builds solo concerts that fuse the performative approach of contemporary theater with jazz. He began practicing total improvisation with the Elettrofoscari workshop in Venice and continues to do so with the Dooom Orchestra in Padua. He plays with Panaleåke together with Francesco Cigana, Tobia Bondesan and Glauco Benedetti, and with Ophir, together with Marco Centasso and Raul Catalano.
In 2023 he won the special mention Franco Quadri of the Riccione Prize with the text È solo un lungo tramonto. He carries on a structuralist research on dramaturgy, designing spectacular devices that welcome audience participation and chance, trying to build playful-ritual theatrical experiences that trigger short circuits with time and the gaze of spectators and performers.
In recent works, he has created dramaturgical parasites that attack already existing textual organisms, a theatrical device for electing humanity’s greatest tragedy, a theatrical office for the celebration of a staged funeral, a play for reliving a second life on stage from scratch, and a theatrical hauntology experiment on the loss of a father’s memory.