Francesca Baldo

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Francesca Baldo is a violinist from Pordenone, Italy. Alongside her concert activities in orchestras and smaller ensembles, she dedicates herself to the language of contemporary music and the performative practice of improvisation. Her aim is to explore alternative paths for musical expression and redefine the possibilities for her instrument. She investigates both the acoustic and electric sounds of the violin, ranging from clear and lyrical melodies to rustles, microsounds, and, with the use of pedals and electronics, roars and sharp timbres.
Coming from a classical musical background, she received training at the Cesare Pollini Conservatory in Padua and the Zagreb Academy of Music. She collaborated with ASMANGU (2019) and has been a member of the DOOOM Orchestra in Padua since 2018. Currently, she is exploring the aesthetics of experimental music by focusing on improvisational processes related to sound and gesture, engaging in spontaneous interaction. She collaborates with pianist Simone Peraz in this endeavor.