Ebbs And Flows


Anastasios Savvopoulos: guitar and composition
Peter Ehwald: tenor saxophone
Antonis Anissegos: piano and fender rhodes
Ludwig Wandinger: drums

CD – 9 tracks – 51:04 min

Edition of 200 copies
Released in March 2020

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01. Ebbs and Flows part I – 4:15
02. Ebbs and Flows part II – 8:01
03. Remnants – 8:27
04. Auftrieb part I – 4:00
05. Auftrieb part II – 3:41
06. Auftrieb part III – 4:45
07. Reflections – 3:14
08. Azure – 6:13
09. Bygones – 8:07

Total Time: 51.04


Tracks composed by Anastasios Savvopoulos

Recorded by Sebastian Ohmert Sonic Impulse at D-Room, Hannover, in June 2019

Mixed and Mastered by Sebastian Ohmert Sonic Impulse in Berlin in August 2019

Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Anastasios Savvopoulos and Aut Records


Kandinsky noted on the problem of form that “Since the form is only an expression of the content and the content is different with different artists, it is then clear that there can be many different forms at the same time which are equally good. Necessity creates the form”. He then stresses the fact that this necessity is an inner necessity. His statement that “the form is the outer expression of the inner content” brings the conclusion that “the form bears the stamp of the personality”.

The album “Ebbs and Flows” of my new quartet AZURE is a work which expresses this very idiosyncratic approach to creation and interaction of musical material. Its melodic character remains dissonant throughout while the asymmetrical phrase structure within various cyclic patterns of asymmetrical beats result in a sense of disorientation.

But the work remains uncompleted, because the very complexity of continuously ordering and reordering the elements in order to form a rather coherent whole, is mediated by an inner spirit that seeks transformation through new means of expression. The value in every such attempt is the placing of new problematics and the seeds to find and formulate that which must come next.

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