Tony Cattano: trombone and compositions
Emanuele Parrini: violin
Matteo Anelli: double-bass
Andrea Melani: drums

CD – 10 tracks – min 49
Edition of 300 copies
Released December 12, 2016

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01. Fior di conio – 07:54
02. Il salto del pachiderma – 03:32
03. Erva mate – 05:53
04. Colpo di fulmine – 04:48
05. Krastan – 04:28
06. Impro – 06:13
07. Un piccolo imprevisto – 03:53
08. Yellow he – 04:00
09. Trappin’ – 04:42
10. Settecamini- 03:58

All compositions by Tony Cattano except “Impro” by Cattano, Parrini, Anelli, Melani


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Antonio Castiello on 13th and 14th March 2016 at Jambona Lab, Cascina (Pisa, Italy)

Artwork and Layout by Massimiliano Sorrentini.
Produced by Tony Cattano and Aut Records in 2016.


In the houses of Sicilian peasants, a cradle made of cloth was placed on the bed of the spouses, attached to the ceiling. It was a kind of hammock in which the infant was laid down. Solicited by the parents with a light touch, the ‘cloth cradle’ rocked, but it remained steadfast to the beams that held. That’s the magic of ‘annacare’ – a wave motion that does not involve any movement, turning around on itself maintaining immobility.

The Naca quartet, led by trombonist and composer Tony Cattano, is made up by four of the best italian jazz musicians, who mix their background with many other musical influences. The timbral mix of this album offers often a melodic trait reaching sometimes a chamber-music mood even though rhythm and groove are frequently present.
“Naca” music places itself in the contemporary-jazz world but recalling often a cinematic and visionary sound it could be easily enjoyed by a wider audience. That’s what we aim for!

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