Cordonbleux at NOF


Renato Cordovani: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax | Claudio Ingletti: bass clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax | Francesco Cangi: trombone | Emanuele Parrini: violin | Filippo Pedol: double bass | Stefano Rapicavoli: drums | Stefano Tamborrino: drums and percussion on tracks 1-4-5

CD – 11 tracks – 40 min
Edition of 500 copies
Released on June 2017

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01. Fishing Song – 3:15
02. Banda in Do – 4:01
03. Duo di Sax – 1:23
04. 24/12/1946 – 5:18
05. M.I.A con Manico – 1:53
06. Dissolution – 2:57
07. Waltz for Mickey Mouse – 2:18
08. Ping Pong – 0:38
09. Contorsion – 5:27
10. Perversion – 5:45
11. The Best Perversion – 7:31

All compositions by R. Cordovani except for track #1 by T. Honsinger, track #7 by M. Schubert and track #8 by M. Schubert and R. Cordovani


Recorded live at NOF GALLERY, Firenze – May 2016
Mixed by by Andrea Caprara
Mastered by Griffin Alan Rodriguez
Artwork and Layout by Massimiliano Sorrentini
Produced by Cordonbleux and Davide Lorenzon in 2017.


After many great collaborations with italian and international musicians, Renato Cordovani, boosted by the energy of his younger collaborators (Stefano Tamborrino and Emanuele Parrini among them), finally releases his debut album, recorded live at NOF gallery in Florence.
We are happy that he decided to release it with us. Not only because we find the music of the album intriguing and exciting, but also because, both in his music and in his collaborations, we continuously find references (like a noisy network, silently built) to our musical heritage. First and foremost the collaboration with two musicians that also appears in our catalogue and that we are personally linked to: Tristan Honsinger and Matthias Schubert.
His works in collaboration with poets and the references to Dada aesthetic is probably the key to understand this manifold yet coherent album where one will hear echoes of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, the brass-bands repertoire and the European impro-scene, all spiced up with an ironic, surreal and desecrating approach.
Cordovani’s Cordonbleux is the synthesis of a path that started many years ago. Poetry, Dadaism and a performative attitude are the living ingredients of the band. A contemporary gaze to the 70’s avant-garde, intensively joyous!

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