Chinese Whisper


Davide Lorenzon – concept, alto sax and bass clarinet | Nicola Guazzaloca – piano | Stefano Meucci – electronics

Digital Download – 6 tracks – 22 min

Released June 2, 2016

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1. Hungry Ghost 02:40
2. Angry Ghost 03:09
3. Procrastination 04:18
4. Pro-Crust Anti-Nation 04:11
5. Buck Naked 03:59
6. Butt Naked 04:07


Recorded by Stefano Meucci and Nicola Guazzaloca in Berlin and Bologna, 2015.
Mixed by Stefano Meucci in Pausenraum, Berlin, 2016
Mastered by Antonio Pecori in Florence, 2016

Artwork and Graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced by Davide Lorenzon and Aut Records, 2016


Each musician involved has to record a track by him/herself. Each one of these tracks takes two different “recording paths”. One goes from A (the source) to B (who add another layer) and then to C (who adds the final layer) and in the other case from A (the source) this time first to C (new layer) and then to B (final layer).

We obtain two different tracks with two different orders of stratification from the same source. This game is repeated starting from each “source track”.
The aim of the experiment is to understand at which degree these different recording paths change the meaning of their origin.

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