Ludwig Wandinger

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Thanks to his musical family and their support he started at a very young age to play and listen to jazz and classical music.
At the age of 16 he started doing a pre-college at the Musikhochschule Munich.
In 2014 he moved to Berlin and started studying at the Jazzinstitute Berlin under the guidance of John Hollenbeck, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Greg Cohen, Jim Black and others.

He has worked and performed with artists like Philipp Gropper, Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, The Notwist, Robot Koch, Lucia Cadotsch, the Berliner Ensemble, Dan Nicholls, Ronny Graupe, Elias Stemeseder, Tobias Delius, Greg Cohen, Peter Ehwald, Johannes Lauer, Geoffroy de Masure, Sebastian Gille, Dominic J. Marshall, Gebhard Ullmann, Antonis Annissegos, Andrea Parkins, Elisabeth Coudoux, Jonas Westergaard, John Schröder, Johannes Enders and many more.

Despite his young age he has played concerts and festivals with various ensembles in South America, China, Switzerland, Vietnam, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Indonesia, Iceland, Austria, Romania, Finnland and Germany.

In 2013 he has won the “Walter Greffenius” scholarship.
From 2016 until 2018 he was playing drums in the Bundesjugendjazzorchester (Bujazzo).

He is organizing and curating a monthly concertseries together with Felix Henkelhausen at the Jazzbar Zukunft am Ostkreuz, which is called “Future Bash”, which is happening since January 2017.
They are playing composed and/or improvised sets of music with always changing band constellations, producing a visceral variety of sonic images.

Since he is fourteen he is producing and performing electronic music under the aliases “Alban Winter” and „Triggerboy“, which is blending experimental club/beat oriented music with his eclectic influences from his jazz and improvisational background.
Since 2018 he is producing for other artists as well (SALOMEA, TAU..).