Anastasios Savvopoulos

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Anastasios Savvopoulos (*1980) born in Greece was involved as a guitarist and composer in the experimental jazz scene in London from 2000 to 2006, relocated in 2007 and is been living and collaborating with musicians in Berlin since. He has released several albums as a band leader with the IORI TRIO (Konnex Records 2012, Unit Records 2015) OUXPO (Inexhaustible Editions 2019, 2020) and AZURE (AUT Records 2020). He has composed several pieces for ensembles and soloists and his work is published on the online library for contemporary music Babel Scores. He has attended the Stockhausen courses in 2006, SWR Matrix 2015 and 2016 composition seminars as well as the Delian Academy for new music in 2017.