Convex Mirrors


Anastasios Savvopoulos: el. guitar, composition
Peter Ehwald: tenor sax, tárogató
Antonis Anissegos: piano, fender rhodes
Ludwig Wandinger: drums

CD – 5 tracks – 39:05

Edition of 100 copies
Released in September 2021

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01. Convex Mirrors 16:48
02. Debonair 04:09
03. Epicycles 04:46
04. False Mirrors 07:15
05. Paroxysm 06:03

Total Time: 39.05


Tracks composed by Anastasios Savvopoulos

Recorded by Volker Greve at Greve Studio in Berlin in December 2020

Mixed by Ludwig Wandinger in Berlin in February 2021

Mastered by Philippe Gaillot at Recall Studio in Montpellier, France in June 2021

Graphic design by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Anastasios Savvopoulos and Aut Records


Amidst the turmoil of historical events at the beginning of the past century, Russian avant-garde artist El Lissitzky observed that in art, two emerging movements were of significant importance. “Cubism and futurism seized upon the purity of form treatment and colour and built a complicated and extensive system with them combining them without any regard for harmony”.

The pieces in “Convex Mirrors” demonstrate compositional ideas which relate to the cubist analysis of space and futurist principle of “dynamism” as an expressive means. This emphasis on construction on the one hand and process on the other, suggests itself throughout the work.

“Convex Mirrors” takes the ideas formed in the previous work “Ebbs and Flows” to the next level of complexity and expressiveness. The rhythmic structures become more agile and the harmonic/melodic relations are built more strictly upon symmetrical principles. The improvisation takes place within longer segments of the unsymmetrical arrangement of time.

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