URBAN KILLAS Down on Earth


Yuri Argentino – tenor/baritone sax | Andrea Vedovato – guitar | Riccardo Di Vinci – bass/doublebass | Simone Sferruzza – drums

Danilo Gallo – doublebass on track 3 | Tony Cattano – trombone on track 3 and 6 | Laura Copiello – voice on track 8 | Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio – electronic interludes

CD – 8 tracks – 58 min
Edition of 250 copies
Released June 30, 2015

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01. Voices 06:02
02. Suspended Points 07:34
03. Circus (The World Belongs to the) 08:52
04. Icecream 05:35
05. X-Virgin Forest 06:01
06. Acid Rain 08:34
07. Gas Panic 06:26
08. 417 (Home) 09:15



All Tracks written by Y. Argentino and A. Vedovato, except track 2 by S. Sferruzza
Recorded by Francesco Bruni and Cristopher Bacco at Studio2 Recording Studio, Vigonovo, Padova, August 2012
Mixed by Mirco Di Cataldo
Mastered by Max Trisotto, Padova, May 2013

Artwork and graphics by Bob Meanza

Produced in 2015 by Aut Records and Urban Killas


Down on Earth is a concept album on climatic and environmental drift, in our time. It’s a non-stop flow of music, in which solid grooves alternate with etheral soundscapes, and where catchy melodies can suddenly turn themselves into fierce sonic textures.

In their compositions Urban Killas break up conventions, exalting their improvisatory instinct and espressive tension always in balance between writing and improvising in an amalgam of unconventional jazz, rock, psychedelia and noise.

They reside in the shadow, finding balance in destroying pre-packed schemes and wraping ’em up following their voluntary insanity.

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