Nazareno Caputo: vibraphone, percussion, composition
Ferdinando Romano: double bass
Mattia Galeotti: drums

CD – 9 tracks – 69:34

Edition of 300 copies
Released in February 2021

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01. Preludio – 02:17
02. Adi – 12:58
03. Dulce – 10:16
04. Abside – 11:57
05. Adam R. – 16:19
06. Phylum I – 01.44
07. Phylum II – 04:24
08. Phylum III – 07:05
09. Postludio – 02:17

Total Time: 69:34



Tracks composed by Nazareno Caputo

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono, Cavalicco (UD) on 12-13 June 2020

Graphic design by Nazareno Caputo and Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Nazareno Caputo and Aut Records


The PHYLUM project is a musical research focused on the structural, timbral, and melodic elements of music. The word “phylum” is used in zoology and botany to refer to a specific taxonomic group. Organisms belonging to a given phylum share the same structural plan, but their morphological development does not necessarily lead them in the same directions. The trio’s music starts from similar concepts, taking its cue from the development of a musical structure and elaborating its idea by following different and complementary paths. The result consists of pieces that contain very different morphological elements and aesthetic-stylistic results that can be traced back to the most varied languages, indissolubly united by the common origin and belonging to the same musical idea, to the same phylum.

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