Mattia Galeotti

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Mattia Galeotti Drummer from Florence and student of Siena Jazz Academy, Mattia Galeotti was born in Florence on 15th May 1995. In Siena Jazz University he studied drums with Mauro Beggio, Fabrizio Sferra and Alessandro Paternesi. He also attended classes with teachers such as Stefano Battaglia, Simone Graziano, Dan Kinzelman, Achille Succi, Fabrizio Puglisi and many others.

He participated to Umbria Jazz Summer Workshop 2014 organized by Berklee College of Music.He participated to Siena Jazz Summer Workshop on 2016, 2017, 2019 where he attended classes with some of the best jazz musicians in the world, such as Jeff Ballard, Justin Brown, Marcus Gilmore, Roberto Gatto, Fabrizio Sferra, Henry Cole, and many others. He attended the research lab conducted by Stefano Battaglia in 2016/2017, where he could improve the improvised language playing trio with him. On winter semester 2017/2018 he has been on erasmus at the HfMT in Hamburg, from which the band “Koloro” was born.

Mattia has concerts with many musical situations: from the street band, with Zastava Orkestar, to crossover bands such as “Lilac for People” of the singer Francesca Gaza, going to jazz bands such as Quasar (winners of Fara Music Festival contest), Michelangelo Scandroglio Group (winner of Conad Jazz Contest 2019 in Umbria Jazz), Luca Zennaro band (features the pianist Alessandro Lanzoni), Koloro, Jacopo Fagioli “Dialogue”, Nazareno Caputo “Phylum”, “Ment4l” (tour in Italy on December 2019 with the great saxophonist Seamus Blake). With Francesca Gaza “Lilac for People” he won the “JazzAlguer” contest held by famous italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu. Besides performances in clubs all over Italy, Mattia has participated to some of the most important festivals in Italy and Europe, such as Umbria Jazz 2019, Il Jazz Italiano per le Terre del Sisma 2019, Firenze Jazz Festival 2019, Veneto Jazz, Visioninmusica, Genius Loci 2019 (Florence), Barga Jazz 2017/2018, Serravalle Jazz 2017, A Jazz Supreme 2018 (Florence), Treviso Jazz Festival, ElbJazz 2017/2019 (Hamburg), Parkli Jam Fest (Basel).