Alison Blunt – violin | Manuel Miete – soprano sax | Anna Kaluza – alto sax | Niko Meinhold – piano | Horst Nonnenmacher – double bass

Tristan Honsinger – cello

CD – 9 tracks – 55 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released September 6, 2013

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01. Live at Lumen URC 1 04:31
02. Live at Lumen URC 2 09:29
03. Live at .CHB 1 07:03
04. Live at .CHB 2 06:15
05. Live at .CHB 3 04:07
06. Live at .CHB 4 05:35
07. Live at .CHB with Tristan Honsinger 1 01:34
08. Live at .CHB with Tristan Honsinger 2 10:51
09. Live at .CHB with Tristan Honsinger 3 05:34



Tracks 1-2 recorded live at Lumen Church in London in September 2011
Tracks 3-9 recorded live at Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin in March 2012
Tristan Honsinger appears on tracks 7-9

Produced by Hanam Quintet and Aut Records

Artwork and graphics by Sandro Crisafi


Berlin based ensemble HANAM Quintet is the perfect demonstration of how singularities can be sublimated: the interplay is the essential referring point where, in a sort of secret conduction, the musicians work on sharing energies. Each one knows how to use their personal techniques to be part of a restless sound fluxus.
Hanam’s music is what happens when five close friends play music together – deep listening and risky, playful challenges.

In three tracks Hanam meets the great improviser and cellist Tristan Honsinger who here joins his chamber instinct (especially in less dynamic phases) to his experimental side (feeding the transversality and the opposition to the mainstream use of the instrument).

“Intelligent broad canvas free improvisation to delight the imagination.”
John Russell

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