Post Jazz Chamber Music


Francesco Baiguera: composition and el.guitar
Massimiliano Milesi: tenor and soprano sax
Daniele Richiedei: violin
Giulio Corini: double bass

CD – 7 tracks – 38:00

Edition of 200 copies
Released in December 2021

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01. Heavy Blue – 05:58
02. Beauty Through Clouds – 05:38
03. Never So Close – 07:51
04. Intermezzo – 06:18
05. Abstract Thought – 03:30
06. Istantanea – 05:57
07. Postlude- 02:45

Total Time: 38:00


Tracks composed by Francesco Baiguera

Recorded by Michele Marelli at Mo.Ca in Brescia on March 02, 2021

Mixed and mastered by Michele Marelli at Monolith Studio in Brescia in April 2021

Graphic design by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Francesco Baiguera and Aut Records


A completely new quartet with a chamber dimension, which is located in an ill-defined place between classical music and jazz. The writing may recall authors such as Bartok, Ravel, and Debussy, finding within itself moments of free improvisation and compositional methods derived from the contemporary jazz dimension.

The music moves between an undefined chiaroscuro, where the alternation of sections and the variety of timbres accompany us on an elaborate sound journey made up of choral moments, multi-voice canons, solo episodes, and structures derived from the blues, with a choice of voicing that somehow thins the boundary between consonance and a certain degree of dissonance through the use of clusters (clusters of voices extremely close together) and spread clusters (a derivation of which has already been experimented by composers such as Olivier Messiaen).

The project is enriched by the presence of important musicians from the Italian music scene, top interpreters of their respective instruments, and strong in their personal aesthetic-musical vision, which enriches the initial idea of a real suite written in Italy during the first lockdown.

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