Giulio Corini

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Considered one of the most interesting improvisers of the new italian jazz scene since many years is collaborating with important international Jazz musicians: from Enrico Rava to John Abercrombie, Francesco Bearzatti, Stefano Battaglia, Ralph Alessi, Jim Snidero, Sandro Gibellini, Tino Tracanna, Bebo Ferra, to Garrison Fewell ecc.
Since 2005 directs the project of musical research Libero Motu with whom he published for El Gallo Rojo Records “Libero Motu” ( 2007), “Off-site Meetings” (2009) and “Future Revival” (2015). His discography comprehends more than 30 titles. He is a member of the collective El Gallo Rojo and artistic director of the project QuidExtempora.