Approximately Grids with a Plan


Luca Perciballi: composition, el.guitar and live electronics
Andrea Grossi: double bass
Andrea Grillini: drums and percussion

CD – 7 tracks – 49:11

Edition of 200 copies
Released in December 2021

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01. Poiesis I – 05:14
02. Breeding Cycle I – 07:41
03. Breeding Cycle II – 08:51
04. Eating Lichens (to Luigi Ghirri) – 13:13
05. Breeding Cycle III – 06:41
06. Molecular Mobiles II – 05:37
07. Poiesis II – 03:13

Total Time: 49:11



Tracks composed by Luca Perciballi

Recorded by Simone Coen at The Shelter Studio in Meda (MB) on 29-30/04/21

Mixed and mastered by Simone Coen

Graphic design by Sandro Crisafi

Produced by Luca Perciballi and Aut Records


Organic action is a concept dear to Goethe and also to different cultural approaches of the 1960s: on the one hand, we find inspiration from the forms of nature in their architectural inevitability combined with freedom; on the other, the concept of the fractal as an incredible natural construction of an organic, living, non-sterile mathematics. The musical translation of this fascinating concept is a synthesis of compositional modules, free improvisation, acoustic and electronic sound aimed at the construction of a living work, pulsating, always moving within its own fluid structure.

Luca Perciballi, accompanied in this new work by two devoted presences on the Italian creative scene, Andrea Grossi and Andrea Grillini, synthesizes his experiences alongside musicians such as Butch Morris,
Alessandro Bosetti, Anthony Moreno, Roberto Dani, Barre Philips, and Roberto Bonati with his own personal history and studies as an improviser and composer. The significant name “Approximately grids with a plan”, synthesizes the intricacy of compositional material and the turbulent relationship with an improvisational group dynamic, ready to subvert the order of things. The compositional modules are constantly permuted and modified by the trio’s action, making each rendition of this material a unique act.

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