Enrico Farnedi: cornet
Luca Serrapiglio: alto and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Luca Bernard: double bass, electric bass
Giacomo Pisani: drums

CD and Digital Download – 11 tracks – 46:10
Edition of 200 copies

Released in October 2023

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01. As if I Were a Bee 05:52
02. chip#1 00:30
03. Dry Sand 06:33
04. Dentone 04:23
05. chip#7 01:27
06. Due coltelli per Santiago 07:23
07. L’osso sul fianco 04:26
08. The Seasons 05:38
09. chip#4 01:12
10. Menshiki’s Blues 04:56
11. Materical 03:50

Total time: 46:10


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrea Serrapiglio at
“La Casa del Nocino”, Alessandria
Recorded on April 1st and 2nd, 2023
Mixed and Mastered in June, 2023

Graphics and Layout by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Materical and Aut Records


Eight original compositions, bold and characterful, all written by the quartet members and some improvised ‘chips’ on the theme of Materical, which gives the name to the band. These are the elements of the first album of this formation that starting from jazz, crosses different worlds of sound.
In their music, swing is a basic element even when it is subterranean, useful in revealing the evocative power of the compositions rather than embellishing them in a mannered process.
Materical seeks a theatrical arrangement of the sound performance, through an incessant dialogue between the musicians. The absence of an overt leader is a precise choice for a collective responsibility for the development of the music.

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