Paolo Brusò – guitars, effects | Riccardo Marogna – bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, synthesizer, Max/MSP programming | Niccolò Romanin – drums, effects

Cd-r – 6 tracks – 37 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released May 18, 2014

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1. Let’s Make A Pyramid 04:08
2. Alan Turing Pt.1 02:57
3. Alan Turing Pt.2 07:29
4. When Little Rachel Dreamt of the Unicorn for the First Time 07:37
5. Pharoah’s Cat 05:01
6. A Blue Cube In Her Bag 09:45



All pieces improvised & recorded without overdubs or edits on October, 11 2012 @ Macaco Studio, Preganziol (TV)
Recorded and mixed by Vincenzo Patella

Artwork and graphics by Roberto La Forgia


Schrödinger’s Cat’s music is a logic paradox. It’s the soundtrack of an unrealized movie, the soundscape of an imaginary place, the sonic evidence for unverifiable scientific theories.

Like mutually interfering electrons, the intuitions of Paolo Brusò, Riccardo Marogna and Niccolò Romanin come across each other, form layers and coalesce to become something new.

There’s no rush in the music. Time and space expand quietly, favoring the emergence of dreamlike impressions, which are sometimes alarming, sometimes soothing – always conveying a secret meaning.

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