Hide Nothing


Nicola Guazzaloca: piano and composition
Edoardo Marraffa: tenor and sopranino saxophones
Filippo Orefice: tenor sax
Luca Bernard: double bass
Andrea Grillini: drums

Federico Eterno: alto sax on track 7
Christian Ferlaino: baritone sax on track 3
Federico Pierantoni: trombone on tracks 2,4,7
Francesco Guerri: cello on track 4
Gianluca Varone: magic box/electronics on track 4

CD and Digital Download – 7 tracks – 47:41 minutes
Edition of 300 copies

Released in September 2022

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01. Malatesta – 07.49
02. Lule’ – 06.49
03. Pachenia/Pomposa – 07.15
04. Junius – 05.12
05. Alvez – 06.28
06. Medea/Levante – 08.15
07. Asibiri – 05.46

Total time: 47.41



All tracks composed by Nicola Guazzaloca

Recorded by Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio, Russi, on 28 and 29 May 2022

Mixed by Andrea Caprara on 11, 12, and 13 July 2022

Analogically mastered by Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio on 2 August 2022

Artwork and Layout by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced by Nicola Guazzaloca and Aut Records


Shortly after “Anasyrma”, the quintet Tell No Lies now releases “Hide Nothing”, the third studio album by the band led by pianist Nicola Guazzaloca. Five musicians coming from different generations and experiences who – through their activity in groups, collectives, and associations – contribute to the avant-garde jazz scene since the nineties, with concerts in Europe, Russia, South Africa, China and the United States. The music of Tell No Lies, already appreciated live in various international contexts, moves between impetuous incendiary improvisations and suggestive melodic intersections, proposed in a courageous and authentic way. This work stands in continuity with the founding musical assumptions of the band, which are distinguished by the clear references to the vitality of South African jazz and are conveyed by the disruptive energy of free jazz. Developed collectively from Guazzaloca’s own compositions, “Hide Nothing” confirms the stylistic signature of a band that “manages to combine lyricism, immediacy, energy and expressive freedom” (Battiti – RaiRadio3).

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