Giacomo Pisani

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I was born in Genoa on 12/25/2001 where I started studying drums at 6 years old and electric bass at 14.
For eight editions I attended the “Rock Campus” directed by the masters Mirco Rebaudo, Paolo Ballardini,
Alessandro Pelle. Subsequently I attended the Music High School in Alessandria, where I had the opportunity to play
in the orchestra and in various productions: with the company “Double Exclamation” directed by Maestro E. Pesce I had the
opportunity to play with maestro Gianni Coscia.
Subsequently I joined the Alexandrian band “Overture” as a drummer and producer, releasing several singles and the EP “Galerie”, participating in X Factor and ranking in the top 30 artists for the celebration of May Day 2020.
I attended various masterclasses with: Benny Greb, Dom Famular; in 2020 I started studying with Phil Mer and subsequently attended the “Batteria Maxxima” course with Maxx Furian, obtaining his third year diploma.
Since 2022 together with saxophonist Luca Serrapiglio and double bass player Luca Bernard I played with
American saxophonist Chris Jonas (Anthony Braxton, William Parker…).