Boxer Rebellion


Sebastian Strinning: tenor saxophone
Marc Unternährer: tuba
Valeria Zangger: drums
Sound design and FX by Timo Keller

Vinyl and Digital Download – 9/12 tracks – 42:47/57:11
Edition of 100 copies

Released in January 2024

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1.Boxer Rebellion 05:19
2.White Lotus 5.12
3.Armant 5.23
4.Gun Dog 4.48
5.Einerline 1.48
6.Ca de Bou 5.10
7.Yellow Lotus 5.26
8.Bouncer 3.09
9.Mass Individualism 02:39
10.On a Thread 7.35 *
11.March for Nature II 4.13*
12.Hammer Nagel Leiter 00:54 *

Total time: 39:00 vinyl/52:00 digital

* These tracks are present only on the digital version of the album



All compositions by Looty Trio. All rights reserved (SUISA).

Recorded by Timo Keller at Soundfarm Studios in Obernau in November 2022

Mixed by Timo Keller (at Soundfarm Studios in Obernau)

Mastered by Alex Huber at Sonarrec Mastering in Baar

Graphics and design by Davide Lorenzon

Produced by Looty Trio and Aut Records with the support of Aargauer Kuratorium, Külturförderung Graubünden, Luzern+, Stadt Luzern Fuka Fonds.


“Looty” was the name Queen Victoria gave to the Pekingese that was brought to her as loot from the Chinese imperial palace at the end of the Opium War. It is not known whether the little dog tried to re-establish his honor and that of the Chinese empire by biting his calf and defecating on Persian carpets that had probably also been looted, or whether he opportunistically surrendered to the transfer from Eastern to Western nobility. We hope the former.

The Looty Trio wants to play, but not only. There are no muzzles, torn loose from the lines we poach ourselves. Not only calves are at risk, we also like to aim higher. We plunder and sharpen the tools we have accumulated over the decades: from jazz scalpels to punk steam hammers, we use everything we can get our hands on to break chains and bark against ostentatious palaces, degrading systems, and – last but not least – boring music.

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