Grgur Savic: alto sax, objects
Brad Henkel: trumpet
Ivar Roban Križić: double bass
Matheus Jardim: drums

Vinyl and Digital Download – 11/13 tracks – 42:47/57:11
Edition of 100 copies

Released in June 2023

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01. Vortex 05:08
02. Adega 03:35
03. Hard Exit 05:03
04. Fujita Prime 02:33
05. Frame of Mind 03:58
06. Zhar 00:47
07. Madon 04:30
08. Relative Motion 00:43
09. Son-Tuul 03:26
10. Vanishing Lines 05:41
11. Common Trait 02:42
12. Outside Sources (bonus track*) 09:51
13. Stainless (bonus track*) 07:49

Total time: 37:43 vinyl/55:23 digital

* These tracks are present only on the digital version of the album



All tracks composed by Grgur Savic. Tracks 2-4-6-8-9-11 are improvised.

Recorded by Tito Knapp at the Tito’s Zentrifuge Studio, Berlin, on 23rd June 2022

Mixed and mastered by Damjan Blažun at the Stereo Lab, Berlin, in March 2023

Artwork by Grgur Savic

Graphic design by Sanja Star

Produced by Grgur Savic and Aut Records


Led by Berlin-based composer and saxophonist Grgur Savic, Vortex is an exceptional ensemble comprised of four talented musicians. Their debut album takes listeners on a captivating musical journey, seamlessly blending Grgur’s original compositions with mesmerising solo, duo and collective improvisations. With meticulous craftsmanship, intricate harmonies, and emotive melodies, Vortex creates a sonic tapestry that transcends genres and captivates audiences, engaging the empathy and compassion for people and society.

This highly anticipated album, available on both vinyl and digital download, offers a rich and diverse musical experience. With a total of 13 pieces, including two bonus tracks exclusive to the digital version, Vortex explores a range of musical scenarios, each one intriguing and fascinating in its own right. From introspective moments to vibrant and energetic expressions, the album encompasses a dynamic spectrum of emotions and musical landscapes.

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