Canto Fermo


Cristina Trotto Gatta: Voice, Melodica
Paolo Cantù: Electric Guitar, Clarinet, Effects, Loops, Electronics
Luca Cartolari: Fretted and Fretless 4-Strings 6-Strings Bass Guitars, Bow, E-Bow, Effects, Csound Programming
Andrea Biondello: Drums

Alessandro Sosso: Diatonic Accordion on “Valzer de la Stacada di Breil”

LP – 11 tracks – 41:07 min

Released in June 2020



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01. Keeping Things Whole – 05:07
02. Canto Fermo – 04:33
03. Nero di Seppia – 01:44
04. The speeding Train – 04:37
05. Mille – 02:06
06. Rubik – 03:41
07. Details – 02:56
08. It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago – 04:22
09. Alice Wonders – 03:45
10. Valzer de la Stacada di Breil – 03:33
11. Golden Slumbers – 01:48



Music by Luca Cartolari, unless stated otherwise.
Lyrics by Cristina Trotto Gatta, unless stated otherwise.
Music arranged by Anatrofobia

Recorded by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio, Inzago Italy, in 2019 . Additional recordings by Paolo Cantù, Luca Cartolari, Cristiano Lo Mele

Mixed by Fabio Intraina and Anatrofobia Trai Studio, Inzago Italy,in 2020.

Photo: Daniele Degiorgis
Artowrk by Luigi Antonio Presicce, courtesy of Museo Arte Urbana (Torino)

Produced by Anatrofobia, Aut Records, Wallace Records, Adn Records. Lizard Records, Neon Paralleli. With the support of Amirani Records.


After thirteen years from their last album “Brevi Momenti di Presenza”, Italian cult band Anatrofobia comes back with a new release, the seventh one in their 30-year long career.

With some news this time. Starting from the line-up that alongside founders Luca Cartolari and Andrea Biondello, includes Cristina Trotto Gatta (already in Masche) who with her voice magically manages to enrich the sound of a traditionally instrumental band, and the punk soul and instruments of Paolo “Makhno” Cantù.

Critic Nazim Comunale said about them:

“Too cultured and cerebral for jazzcore, too punk for academic circles, too quiet for lovers of the more physical free, too intelligent for those who believe that a saxophone means necessarily jazz. Able to move with ease between shadows of contemporary and rock rust, in an unknown and not yet colonized middle ground.”

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