Valeria Zangger

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Valeria Zangger *1985 was born and raised in Samedan and is now living in Luzern. Her work as a drummer is characterized by great stylistic versatility and her sound spectrum ranges from pop music to experimental and free-style improvisation. Being interested in many dif- ferent styles and projects she produces beats, works with electronics and crossover artists. Her work was awarded with the «Kulturförderpreis» of the Kanton Graubünden and with the «Werkbeitrag» of the Kanton Luzern. Valeria holds a Master of Arts in Music at the Lucerne School of Music HSLU.
In recent years she has collaborated and toured internationally with numerous musicians including Pierre Favre, Mars Williams, Yuri Goloubev, 2henning, Bibi Vaplan, Evelinn Trouble, Christoph Walter Orchestra, 21st Century Orchestra and many more.