Cantiere Simone Weil


Szilárd Mezei – viola | Tim Trevor-Briscoe – alto and tenor saxophones, soprano and bass clarinets | Nicola Guazzaloca – piano

CD-r – 3 tracks – 40 min
Edition of 200 copies
Released March 31, 2016

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01. First Set 13:45
02. Second Set 15:42
03. Third Set 10:02


Recorded live at Cantiere Simone Weil, Piacenza – IT – July 28th, 2015
Inner b/w photo by Laura, courtesy of Cantiere Simone Weil
Cover and label photo by Patrizia Bermelic
Graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced in 2016 by Mezei, Trevor-Briscoe, Guazzaloca, Artemio Cavagna and Aut Records.


Szilard Mezei, Tim Trevor-Briscoe and Nicola Guazzaloca met the first time during a tour in Serbia and Hungary. Then, exactly six years ago in April 2010, Mezei was invited to hold a workshop at the Popular School of Music “Ivan Illich” in Bologna. On this occasion the trio recorded “Underflow”, their debut album released by british label Leo Records, and took part in several initiatives such as “Massa Sonora Festival” and the “Intersezioni” radio program conducted by the late Pierantonio Pezzinga. During the following years the combo played in various festivals among which their performance at “Cantiere Simone Weil” in Piacenza was one of the most intense and beautiful: that’s why it’s a pleasure for us to make it available now on cd.

The music played here is a marvel because, although it constitutes a radical improvisation divided in three sets, the interplay between the three musicians is so intense that it often sounds really well orchestrated. This is the power of “auto-organization”, which makes order sometimes peek out from chaos.
This extraordinary ability to navigate through the peril of improvisation by finding the best collective solutions in order for musical forms to emerge could also be due to the feature that Werner Herzog identify as necessary in movie-making: “It is like someone who takes a suicidal jump from a great height, and then regrets his decision when he realizes, midway through empty space, that no one can help him. It is the same with film-making. Once you have started, there is no one to help you through. You have to overcome your fears and bring the project to an end.”

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