Cups, Glasses and Tanks


Nicola Guazzaloca – piano | Pablo Montagne – electric baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, harmonica | Giacomo Mongelli – drums, percussions

Cd – 15 tracks – 45 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released July 4, 2014

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1. Glass of lipsticks 02:41
2. Glass of wood shavings 02:12
3. Tank of screws 05:47
4. Cup of petrol 02:38
5. Glass of stones 04:25
6. Cup of pickled cabbages 01:35
7. Glass of polypropylene 01:20
8. Tank of cigars 03:45
9. Glass of triangles 02:40
10. Glass of mirrors 02:59
11. Cup of alcohol 04:31
12. Cup of feathers 01:52
13. Glass of keys 03:42
14. Cup of liquid soap 02:53
15. Cup of meton seeds 01:51



Recorded at Itaca Studio, Bari (IT) – April 21th, 2012
Sound Engineer: Roberto Mattarese

Graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced in 2014 by Giacomo Mongelli, Pablo Montagne, Nicola Guazzaloca and Aut Records.


What are a cup, a glass, a tank?

They’re all containers. And containers are such since they are apt to contain. Within their very usage, we can only concentrate in conceiving them as pure means to hold, related to the context where they belong.

The same might be said on the music by Guazzaloca, Montagne and Mongelli, presented in this record. We’d better “use” it, repeatedly, just like glasses or cups of wine, and let it sink us in the improvisative flow: sometimes energetic, sometimes calm. A stream flowing into huge tanks, which just a minute before were significantly empty.

It’s thrilling to conceive this record as something not really composed of some material, but something existing as a void, the void of a container, created to hold the flow.

And if this void exists in order to let the music glide and venture outside into the world, it becomes a gift, and Aut Records is glad to offer a taste of the never ending flow.

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