Le armi di Ares


Marta Raviglia – voice and objects | Tony Cattano – trombone and farsifa organ

CD – 16 tracks – min 47
Edition of 500 copies
Released June 27, 2016

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01. Plum Pudding 01:00
02. Lattonzolo 02:59
03. Lamento Sertanejo 03:28
04. Le stirpi dei Morti 02:02
05. Stizzoso, Mio Stizzoso 01:50
06. Ganja Xmas Song 04:02
07. Atena Occhio Azzurro 01:38
08. Eroina Per Ginko 03:33
09. Il Ladro Invisibile 03:54
10. Cencio 02:02
11. Genoveffa 03:45
12. La Vampa 01:59
13. Il Salto del Pachiderma 04:57
14. Nuelle 04:02
15. Bosco Frondoso 01:55
16. Silly Song 03:43



Recorded, mixed and mastered between September 2014 and June 2015 at Jambona Lab, Cascina (Pisa, Italy) by Antonio Castiello

Artwork and layout by Roberto La Forgia

Produced by Vocione, Antonio Castiello and Aut Records.


‘Le Armi di Ares’ (The Weapons of Ares) is the second album of the tremendous duo Vocione, featuring Marta Raviglia on vocals and Tony Cattano on trombone.

Vocione (which in italian means “loud voice” but is also the union of the words “voce”(voice) and “trombone”) was formed in 2008, and released its first self-titled album in 2010 (Monk Records). Since then, Vocione has played in many of the most relevant italian festivals, where it has been significantly well received.

Vocione is an atypical duo. First, trombone and voice is far from being an usual combination, secondly because their music doesn’t solely rely on discipline and virtuosity with the hope of avoiding the hardship of the duo format. On the contrary, they seem to feel at ease while diving in uncertainty and gladly take the risk of pursuing their sonic adventures, the only road to the land of the unheard. ‘Le Armi di Ares’ includes spoken words extracted from the classic epic poem, Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, and is dedicated to Ares, the god of War.

Vocione is getting louder and louder. Its call will eventually become impossible to resist, like the call of the Sirens of the sea.

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