Claudia Cervenca – voice, electronics | Annette Giesriegl – voice, electronics

Cd – 9 tracks – 51 min
Edition of 500 copies
Released June 2, 2014

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01._ne 07:18
02._ven 04:35
03._ree 05:17
04._ur 05:30
05._ine 06:50
06._wo 07:05
07._ive 05:45
08._ix 04:46
09._en 03:30



Recorded live at Amann Studios, Vienna, Austria – March 16th, 2013
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristoph Amann

Artwork by Emanuele Kabu
Graphics by Sandro Crisafi

Produced in 2014 by Patchwork Voices and Aut Records


Patchwork Voices is the vocal duo formed by Claudia Cervenca and Annette Giesriegl.

Their music evokes a varied soundscape that is the result of a period of research well represented by the album “Puzzling”, now available on autrecords.

Raindrops originate syncopations hopping on the rock-like surfaces of existence. Bugs question about meanings. Children from outer space dance joyful.

Some of the Annette and Claudia’s vocal experiments are unvarnished. Their voices play together, they look for and run after each other, they meet to leave soon after. In other cases they are immersed in an electronic soundscape that envelop and enhance them.

Always on the brink.

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