Francesco Massaro – baritone saxophone, soprano clarinet, stylophone | Beppe Scardino – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, toy piano | Danilo Gallo – double bass, acustic bass, cycle pump | Adolfo La Volpe – electronics | Giacomo Mongelli – drums, objects

CD – 9 tracks – 36 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released January 20, 2014

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01. Intro 00:58
02. Lonely 07:01
03. Event 04:53
04. PI:S 03:38
05. Insanity 03:33
06. Geniality 07:15
07. Keppra 02:43
08. Kronos 04:35
09. Outro 02:17



Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mimmo Galizia on 27/04/2009 at Wavehaed Sudio in Monopoli (BA)

Artwork and graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca

Produced by Giacomo Mongelli and Aut Records.


Color Network is conceived as a tribute to one of the most important characters in the international music scene: the late lamented Ornette Coleman (1930-2015). What is particular in Col-(or Net)-work is the choice to focus exclusively on one album, 1957’s “The Shape of Jazz to Come”, which is regarded as one of the texan saxophonist’s seminal works.

Coleman’s compositions frame a musical environment that serves sometimes as point of departure and sometimes as landing place for reckless improvisations which explore unfamiliar acoustic regions. The sound resulting in the unusual combination of two baritone saxophones and electronics turns out to be surprisingly effective and constitutes the distintive feature of the music. The band takes risks and assumes the task of merging some of the forms of free jazz and the search for atypical, contemporary sonorities into a fresh, colourful and autonomous musical statement.

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