Hanam at Piggotts


Alison Blunt – violin | Manuel Miete – soprano sax | Anna Kaluza – alto sax | Niko Meinhold – piano | Horst Nonnenmacher – double bass

CD – 11 Tracks – 60 min
Edition of 100 copies
Released May 26, 2015

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01. Air Suite Part 1 09:32
02. Air Suite Part 2 07:12
03. Air Suite Part 3 03:51
04. Sustanance-Nahrung 04:16
05. Fields Part 1 06:10
06. Fields Part 2 03:06
07. Fields Part 3 02:52
08. Widening Perspecive – Eine Braitere Perspektive Part 1 03:33
09. Widening Perspecive – Eine Braitere Perspektive Part 2 07:26
10. Widening Perspecive – Eine Braitere Perspektive Part 3 05:15
11. Oxygenation – Oxygenierung 05:52


Recorded at Piggotts on September 7, 2013
Mixed and mastered on January 21, 2015
by Matt Saunders – recordingthing

Artwork and design by: Sandro Crisafi

Produced by: Hanam Quintet and Aut Records in May 2015


Second album for this wonderful improvisational quintet. The Hanamers this time recorded 11 pieces (some of them composing a suite) in the mysterious Piggotts venue. Here again we have the art of making improvised music with a deep reciprocal attention between the musicians expressed at its best.

Berlin based ensemble HANAM Quintet is Alison Blunt (violin), Anna Kaluza (alto sax), Manuel Miethe (soprano sax), Nikolai Meinhold (piano) and Horst Nonnenmacher (double bass).

Their collective CVs range from Sam Rivers to Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Bley to the London Improvisers Orchestra and Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, taking in cabaret, dance, film and theatre music along the way. HANAM’s music is what happens when five close friends play music together – deep listening and risky, playful challenges.

Hanam website

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