Luciano Caruso – soprano sax, keyboards | Giorgio Pacorig – Fender Rhodes, tape recorders, voice | Nello Da Pont – drums

Cd-r – 8 tracks – 46 min
Edition of 50 copies
Released July 4, 2014

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01. L’ouverture de Toussaint 02:27
02. There’s many a slip twix the cup and the lip 05:56
03. Tales under the tent 09:27
04. Memories of Caral 05:40
05. Turtles all the way down 05:09
06. Hegel in Haiti 06:08
07. Chains, blades, bullets and fire 05:50
08. The black Jacobins 05:58



Recorded by Piero Bolzan at Altri Linguaggi studio in Visome (BL)-ITA in 1998

Artwork by Walter Dal Cin
Graphics by Sandro Crisafi

Liner Notes by Pino Saulo
Translation by Alberto Collodel

Produced in 2014 by Aut Records.


Bug Jargal is a record that comes from afar. On the one side, this is due to the peculiar circumstances related to its realization and, on the other side, to the atmospheres evoked by the music itself.

“Bug Jargal” has been recorded in 1998 in Belluno (Italy) on the band’s own initiative and it enjoyed a good reputation among the few enthusiasts who had the opportunity to listen to it when it was briefly around as a “bootleg”.

The record presents a trio featuring Luciano Caruso on soprano sax, Giorgio Pacorig on keyboards and Nello Da Pont on drums. Back in the 90’s a fourth artist, Walter Del Cin, used to joined the trio live, providing the video projections that were often combined with the music. For this reason we asked him to produce the CD’s artwork.

After almost twenty years, we are really excited to release “Bug Jargal” officially and to rescue this little gem from oblivion.

The title itself (a Victor Hugo reference) recalls imagines of a distant and ancient world. It is a record which tells us about old communities, about rebellions, about poetry and fights.

“They take their time to stir up ideas, to support us for a while, then they find their way together. It is an unceasing game of empathic differences.
There is respect, mutual trust and complicity.
We venture in it with joy.”

// From the liner notes by Pino Saulo (Battiti- Radio 3)

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