Live at the Loophole


Vicent Doménech – alto sax | Alberto Cavenati – electric guitar | Bob Meanza – keys and electronics | Olga Nosova – drums

Digital release – 6 tracks – 53 min

Released June 14, 2013

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01. Mantis dance 07:10
02. Castellana 09:50
03. Loopaholic 10:16
04. Testone 08:51
05. Viruta 08:05
06. Toxydoll 09:20


Recorded live at the Loophole, Berlin.
Live recording and artwork by Bob Meanza.

Produced by Bob Meanza and Aut Records on June 2013

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Toxydoll was created in Berlin in 2013. The band pursues a strong punk sound, still keeping the diverse approaches of four free improvisers. The idea is to make “free impro”, never losing the required punch. The result is a harsh, creative and powerful music, where the improvisation flows through catchy riffs and odd rhythms, and traps the listener straight away.

For the introduction of the project, the band played a small tour of three days in a row in Berlin (in Wendel, KussKuss, and Loophole), the last gig being fully recorded for this release.

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