Cosa potrebbe accadere


Edoardo Marraffa: tenor and sopranino sax, compositions
Sergio Papaianni: electric bass
Gaetano di Giacinto: drums

Fabrizio Puglisi: arp odyssey on tracks n.1 and n.8
Valeria Sturba: electric violin on tracks n. 2 and n.4
Stefano De Bonis: fender rodhes on track n. 7

CD – 8 tracks – 46:21 min

Edition of 300 copies
Released in April 2019

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01. Cosa potrebbe accadere 6:26
02. Orlando 4:54
03. Fantasmi di Nadia 6:22
04. Golden Square 4:06
05. Red Carpet 5:18
06. Belka 5:39
07. Ma te ne sai di piĆ¹ 8:23
08. La gran follia 5:07

Total time: 46:21


Tracks composed by Edoardo Marraffa
Recorded and mixed Andrea Caprara at Di Giacinto Studios, Bologna on 29, 30 September 2018
Mastered by Alessandro Maffei
Artwork and Layout by Sandro Crisafi
Produced by Edoardo Marraffa and Aut Records in 2019
Casino di Terra would like to thank Vera, Filippo and Greta.


“Casino di Terra” is the name of an hamlet in Tuscany that probably was named after a small house (casino) made of straw and soil (terra) placed in the nearby. But in a figurative way it could extend its meaning till “Brothel of soil”, “A lot of soil” or even, with some imagination, “A mess on the earth”.

Continuing with this figurative way of talking we could suggest that the main tracts of this album are connected with the element of “Earth”.
In the 45 minutes of the album’s length, this trio, which becomes a quartet on five tracks, speaks quite frankly, direct to the point with energy and no hesitations.
Its strong character is not lacking of a positive vibe and an overall joyful mood. A great combination of features that let us wonder what could happen (“cosa potrebbe accadere”) when we will start to play it.

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