Bad Habits


Christian Ferlaino: alto saxophone

CD – 9 tracks – min 31
Edition of 500 copies
Released November 21, 2016

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01. Le cattive abitudini dello zampognaro – 06:13
02. All Work and No Play – 02:06
03. Cutting grace – 02:26
04. It Doesn’t Take Much – 02:25
05. The Four Bass Hyerarchy – 01:55
06. The Thesaurus of Musical Invective – 02:33
07. Right? – 03:48
08. All’s Well That Ends Well – 05:35
09. The Jaw Trick (for Nicola) – 03:52


Recorded between October and December 2015 in Studio 1 at Alison House, Reid School of Music, Edinburgh.
Mixed and mastered by Roberto Rettura at Studio Spaziale, Bologna.
Artwork by Milvia Bonadiman (Pánícó)
Graphics by Laure Catugier.
Produced by Christian Ferlaino and Aut Records in 2016.


As a folk trained musician and an improviser, Christian recently developed the need for harmonising these two sides of his musical expertise. He therefore undertook research focusing on shaping a personal musical language which would incorporate folk music elements of the region Calabria (Italy) into contemporary improvised music. The music in this CD was composed on the basis of a special set of grammatical rules derived from Calabrian folk music. The pieces are built on very limited music materials approached through compositional/improvisational resources that could be defined as melodic formula and modular micro-variation. These generative principles of Calabrian tradition were then filtered through his musical background as a contemporary improviser.

Christian Ferlaino developed this project as a result of his PhD research at the Reid School of Music in Edinburgh. Alongside this record, he also wrote an explanatory text that can be read in its entirety here.

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